Final Alignment Fall 2018 

for 2010 and older


Please Review your Alignment below.



You are required to review your team placement and submit a Pre-Alignment Concerns Form (scroll down) for any items that need correcting NO LATER THAN midnight Monday July 10, 2017.  I know this isn't much time and if you don't check your email regularly, that will be a problem.  I can't do anything about the timeline.  It is what it is.  Email is the only way I have to communicate with our large population, so when we are doing registration, alignment and season start up I just need you to be vigilant.   

In most age brackets a D3 was added.  This means that you need to look at the DIVISION you are in AND the TEAMS you are slated to play against.  After all it's about the competition not the label of the division. Lots of teams rolexed up because of this bracket addition.  It is important to evaluate WHO you are playing against rather than the name of the division.  I have left the Alignment Flow chart below in case you don't remember how teams were suppose to move.  Please refer to that for clarification.

Note: The Alignment Flow Chart to see where you can expect to move FROM (the end of Spring 2017) ~  TO (for the Fall 2017.)   This was put together by the state office.  It does not specifically address movement in the IRL/North A, B, C, D... brackets.  For the most part, you can expect two up/two down in the IRL. However, depending on the total number of teams, IRL brackets may flux larger or smaller than last year.  It is helpful for us to know what teams you would like to be grouped with.  In your Comment Form below, list the IRL teams that provide you with the best competition.

NOTE:  All PREMIER and all 2003 (U15) TEAMS ARE YEAR ROUND, they will not be realigned between the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 seasons.  D1 teams will not promote between fall and spring, but 1st Place of Fall 2017 and 1st and 2nd place of Spring 2018 will be promoted at the beginning of 2018 seasonal year. 




Let us know if you have concerns, especially if you are placed TOO HIGH.  In addition, if based on the alignment flow above you are NOT in the division you are suppose to be in and there is an obvious mistake, please let us know immediately.  If you "feel" like your team should be moved to a higher division, let us know.  However, the alignment rules are not really subjective or discretionary.  Moving teams up just because you think they are better than their state record indicates usually falls on deaf ears.  However, if you feel like in the movement of teams that your team is significantly better than the teams that have been left in your bracket, let us know.  Provide very specific, fact based data on why you feel this way.  We will do our best to advocate on your behalf.  Time is of the essence.  Any comments received after Monday, July 10th will most likely not be considered.  Essentially we have 24 hours to advocate on your behalf before Final Alignment.  We need the information by July 10th to do so.



Deadline - Monday, July 10, 2017 - Midnight


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