Assignment Codes

Within 24-48 hours of submitting your RENEWAL or New L30 TEAM REQUEST, you should have received an email with Team Assignment Codes. They will look something like the highlighted codes below. The Team Number (after the team name) has 4 unique ending digits for your team. Do NOT use this Team Number for registration. You will use this when you submit Alignment Information.

The other codes listed below are examples of what the ASSIGNMENT CODES will look like. Your team specific codes are in your email. The -HC01 Assignment Code for the Head Coach can be used once. The -AC02 Asst Coach & -TM03 Team Mgr codes can be used as many times as you want.

After tryouts, you will give the PLAYER CODE for YOUR TEAM that ends in -PL01 to every player. There is ONE CODE for ALL PLAYERS on a team. If you coach multiple teams, make sure you give the correct code out to the correct players. If parents are registering more than one player to a soccer team, make sure that they use the specific code that goes with each player. Things get messy if a parent uses their daughter’s U17 player code to register the younger U9 son and another U13 daughter.

You should now have what you need to register in Affinity. Remember to have a face only photo, your 2019 Concussion Certificate & a copy of your Safe Sport Trained Certificate on your computer in a place you can access to upload during registration. If you coached this past Spring 2018 season, you should already have your Safe Sport Trained certificate in your affinity profile. It is good until May 31, 2021. Your Concussion Certificate must be renewed each year per Utah law.

Team: L30 SAMPLE Team '03B - TP (0430-03CB17-XXXX)

Team Assignment Codes for Administrator 

XXXX-73972-HC01 (Head Coach)    

XXXX-73972-AC02 (Assistant Coach)    

XXXX-73972-TM03 (Team Manager)   

Team Assignment Codes for Player