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L30 HSP Boys Team Formation Deadline


  • Team Name
  • Which playing format - District 6v6 or State 11v11
  • List of players & their bdays that want to play on your HSP team
  • List of team admins - HC, AC, TM
  • State teams include a 1st and 2nd choice for home field 
  • District teams will have a home field designated by the league.

Reminder that players are rostered provisionally to a special HSP team.  In Affinity, this is much like multi rostering a player.  If their primary team is going to have a HSP team, they need to get permission to play on a different HSP team.  Players are allowed to play for different clubs for HSP, but it's good form for a player to be upfront with their primary team if that team is going to have a HSP and they want to play for someone else.  No guest player form required.  An informal hand shake agreement between player and primary coach is fine.

A player can NOT play in a district program and the state at the same time.  You may club pass between different ages in the district program and between different ages in the state program.  But you can't cross streams.

High school players may NOT play HSP, even when they are done with their high school season.

For more about District 6v6 goto -