Club Passing (CP)

Club passing is allowed between teams in the SAME UYSA Member Organization.  To see who is a part of L30, click on the button below.

Club Passing is like being able to guest play with another team in a tournament, but you can't "guest play" during the regular season. You can only “club pass.”    There are some limitation. You can CP between two teams in the same age - different divisions (unlike Multi Rostering.) You may not club pass between two teams in the same age, same division. CP skinny summarized:

  • Different or Same Age

  • Different Divisions - limitations outlined in Section 6.

  • Same UYSA Member Organization - see who is a part of L30 below.

  • No fee

For the complete rules regarding club passing, review Section 6 - 6334 Player Rostering – SCL (also applies to 6324 PL & 6344 IRL)