College Soccer?

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What Options Are There?

The NCSA - Athletic Recruiting website has a very nifty US map that lets you click on each state to identify what options there are for mens soccer programs in any state in the US.  You can find NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA and Junior Colleges (JC).  In some cases, it will list the Club Teams as well.  In Utah we are a little unique in that BYU has a PDL team.  See button link below to the NCSA map.

You can click on the map markers for more information about the mens soccer program at that school including who the coach is.  Do your research about the school, the soccer program and the coach.  See if you can find some You Tube videos of them playing, the coach speaking to reporters about the team, or even team videos of what it is like to hang out with them.  Some of them have live feeds of games during the season that you can watch over the internet.   Then shoot them an email along with a soccer resume.  (Check out the blog for more on a resume.)  Expect a polite "thanks for writing email back"  but don't be disappointed if they don't do back flips because you wrote them.  It's just the first step in the process.  For more about our personal journey looking for a college soccer program, visit my blog page on this website.  If you have your own experiences, please add them to the discussion forum.  It definitely takes a village, so we might as well help each other out.

I think the NCSA gives you a pretty good overview of what school choices are available.  At least it is a starting place.  Another place we have found helpful is the NCAA website.  You can find lists of all the teams in each division.  We have found it helpful to print out a copy and circle teams as we find ones that are of interest to us.  When our player has a free moment, he has a list of schools that he can look up, check out and then shoot them a quick email.

In Utah you will find the following - listed in alphabetical order

Dixie - DII - 9 scholarships - 27 roster spots
University of Utah - Club
Utah State University - College of Eastern Utah - JC - 12 scholarships
UVU - D1
Weber State University - Club
Westminster - NAIA