Reminder - Additional Training Policy Requirements

UYSA Policy 6316.

Players seeking additional trainings outside of their current team, club or OM may be excluded as a try-out provided the following criteria is followed:

(1) Current coach(es) must be notified in writing
(2) Must be given an written evaluation of skills and abilities and recommendations for improvement in writing by the clinician at the end of the training session(s)
(3) If the training sessions are conducted by or with a different OM team or club than the player is registered with, the player may not transfer to the OM club or team during the current seasonal year.

Inquiries about Next Seasonal Year - Fall 2019 Spring 2020

You are allowed to advertise information about your team for the next seasonal year at any time. Specifics regarding the methods of advertising are noted on page 17 of UYSA Section 6. See button below for entire policy.

Parents & Players are allowed to contact you to ask questions regarding joining your team for next year. Good practices should include:

  • Correspondences should be confined to text messages &/or email. Personal conversations or phone calls can be misconstrued or misquoted.

  • Information should be in general about the team & tryouts. 

  • It is best to be able to direct inquires to a website or social media posting for information, team philosophy, time commitments, expected tournament schedule, etc.

  • Do NOT offer or promise placement on the team until tryouts officially start the day after Memorial Day (for U11-19 ages) and the Monday prior to Memorial Day for teams that will compete in the U9/10 XL gaming league. U7/8 Academy players generally follow the same guidelines as U9/10 XL teams. True Recreation Players can register for those programs at any time. Players, generally speaking, can not play rec soccer and competitive U9-U19 soccer at the same time.

  • Parents, friends, players or other non-coaches are NOT allowed to talk to players in other organizations or teams on your behalf.

  • You are not allowed to personally reach out or contact players outside your current team to discuss tryouts until May 11, 2019.

  • Encourage parents & players to honorably full fill their commitment to their current team until the end of the seasonal year, as this is the kind of commitment you will expect from them to your team if that ends up being the case next year.

Generally speaking, you can thank the person for their interest in your team. Encourage them to come watch the team play during the spring season. Take their name and number for future reference. Let them know that you can have a serious conversation regarding your team on May 11th. You can even go ahead and schedule a Get to Know the Team Meeting for May 11th if you want. A player can guest play with you at tournaments. You can provide Additional Training opportunities according to the Section 6 policy, page 15 noted below.

Questions regarding entire teams that might want to move from one Member Organization to L30 need to understand that they will give up their spot in the state gaming league unless their current club gifts the spot in writing to the team and they have roster continuity of 50% + 1. For specific policy wording refer to Section 6 page 29.) Otherwise the team will drop 2 divisions according to policy, unless L30 has a vacated open spot to plug in a new team. While coaches are free to make employment decisions based on where they want to work from year to year, this is a personal decision. One which must be made without involving the team & players until May 11th. Conversations with players & parents while working under one MO about playing for a different club are not allowed until May 11th without breaking the UYSA Tryout Policy.

Your choices and behavior go well beyond your personal situation. Violations of the UYSA Tryout policy can affect all 215 L30 & affiliated teams plus 1500+ players. If you have questions about any of the above, please contact Tracy Proulx @

Coaching U9/10 7v7 games?  Here's a quick tutorial on the build out line.

Basic principles:

  • Build-out line shall be established on each side of the field from one sideline to the other at a point that is halfway between the top of the penalty area and the midfield line.

  • Goalies can not drop kick or punt the ball out.

  • The ball is in play once it leaves the goal box. That's when the attacking team can cross the build out line.

  • If a goalkeeper punts the ball, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense If the punt occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred.

  • Players cannot be penalized for an offside offense between the halfway line and the build-out-line. Players can be penalized for an offside offense between the build out line and goal line.

Info Concerning the U15/2004 Teams for the Seasonal Year 2018-19

The Sideline Project

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 2.56.12 PM.png
CLICK HERE - to Start the Project

CLICK HERE - to Start the Project

New Resources for Fall 2018

Scoreboard Sports & League 30 partnership - helps teams secure the best soccer products at the best value and the easiest process. Access Code: soccer2018

Scoreboard Sports & League 30 partnership - helps teams secure the best soccer products at the best value and the easiest process. Access Code: soccer2018

Game Reschedule Form

Game Reschedule Form

Alignment & Fields

Fall 2018

April 10, 2018

Be advised that there are rostering & club passing issues happening in Affinity for a variety of reasons. The UYSA staff is working diligently to solve the core problems. In an effort to help you be ready for your game day, please use the following recommendations -

Review your GAME DAY roster 24 hours before kick off in Affinity & on the Digital Roster.


Link to Digital Rosters

This means also having parents & players be equally committed to RSVPing to your game events prior to this & for you to use the club passing feature with time to contact the state office in the event that the function isn't working for you.

Call UYSA 801.307.5150 M-F 9-5pm and Saturday 8am-noon

Due to the current situation, the UYSA office will be taking calls Saturday mornings for Saturday game specific problems. If you plan ahead, between normal business hours and Saturday morning you should be able to get the help you need. Unfortunately the issues can not be solved by Affinity or your normal registrar.

Affinity Standings & Results

The current issues may also be affecting the population of standings &/or team rankings in your Affinity bracket. For now, just focus on playing your season to the best of your team's ability. Once the issues are rectified, we will go back and make sure that the end of season results (that dictate where you might be aligned for the Fall 2018 season) are accurate.

L30 Uniform Options with Scoreboard Sports ~ April 2018

L30 has created an adidas Uniform Package that gives you some flexibility in colors, while making the uniform choice for your team easy & cost effective (under $50 per kit.)  

For ordering, Scoreboard will set up a Team Specific Website for your parents making your job SO much easier!  When the order is ready, you can pick it up at the Bountiful store or have it delivered for a shipping fee.

Already attached to your current brand & colors? Scoreboard has guaranteed that they will beat any price by any provider.  Contact Sean Macklyn 801.813.0101 and let him know what you want.  You will get what you need/like and a team specific website for ordering as well!

Place uniform orders by June 3rd and receive everything in time for the Ogden Peaks Tournament June 27, 2018.

Ordering for 6 or more teams?  You can place a hold order to ensure quantities are available when you want them.  Hold orders must be placed by April 15th to participate.  Email  Let him know how many teams, what ages and he will make recommendations on what to put on hold.  

Need pennies, pop up nets, balls, pumps, bownets?  Click on the link below to see prices.

One-stop-shopping with out a one-size-fits-all approach.  It's what we do.

Field Closures

Field Closures

The Sideline Project - Sign up NOW!

The Sideline Project - Sign up NOW!

Players need to work on technical skills at home.  TopYa! soccer app  is an easy way to do that.

Players need to work on technical skills at home. TopYa! soccer app is an easy way to do that.

Way Of Champions Podcast

Way Of Champions Podcast

Grassroots Courses

Grassroots Courses

Easy Walk Thru to Register w Sports Engine.  Still having trouble? Call 612.230.2391

Can't See Your Game Info?  Watch this video.


How do I find the Referee Fee Email ~ 3.13.2018

You can access the email that was sent to your team.  By following these instructions...

1.  Log into your UYSA account.

2.  Click on the down arrow next to the "My Account" option above your family information.

3.  Select the "Message Center" option.

4.  The email will have "2018 Spring Referee Fee Payment" along with your age group, gender and bracket in the title.

5.  You may have to go back a few pages to find the email, those were sent out in February.

You can see every email that was sent to you through Affinity.

Have a great day!
Giselle Selley


Spring 2018 Season Reminders  ~ 3.3.2018

The Spring 2018 State Gaming League is almost underway!  In an effort to help coaches and team managers have a successful season, we are providing the information below.  Exceptions will not be made based on lack of knowledge or not knowing.  You are responsible for knowing.

As always, if you have any questions or would like a little more detail, please contact the UYSA State Office.  We are more than happy to help you.  The UYSA Office hours are from 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday. 801.307.5150


  • Schedules will be on the UYSA website on March 3, 2018

  • Referee Fees are due no later than March 16th for Spring PL, SCL and IRL teams. Contact the State Office for amt due.

  • Start of the Season for all teams shall be considered March 17th, not when your first game is scheduled

  • Each team is allowed a maximum of two reschedules.

  • To avoid the $50 reschedule fee, reschedules should be completed (must show the changes in Affinity) no later than 11:59pm March 16th.

  • Per policy "All reschedules must be completed no later than five (5) days prior to the start of the match as set forth in SOMS."

  • For more information regarding reschedules, scroll down.


  • Players serving a suspension and/or are a club pass player, count towards the maximum players allowed.

  • If a player has a red card or is serving a suspension, they MUST remain active on the roster and count towards the maximum allowed.

  • Players who are or have been multi-rostered at any point in the seasonal year are ineligible to use the club pass.

  • Independent teams are not allowed to use the club pass. L30 TEAMS are NOT what the state considers "independent." You are part of the Member Organization called L30 and have club passing privileges between L30, SWAT, MVU & Meta teams.

  • U9/10 max players is 12

  • U11/12 max players is 15

  • U13/14 max players is 18

  • U15/19 max players is 18

  • How to Club Pass a Player


It is your responsibility to annually complete the CDC Concussion Certification. You need to verify that your concussion certification is current and uploaded. If you are red-lined on the roster for an expired or missing certification and do not have another properly licensed and rostered coach at the field, the game may be ruled as a forfeit.


  • All "E" Waivers will expire on June 1, 2018. There will be NO extensions.

  • L30 Coaches will NOT be allowed to register for next year nor set up teams for next year without being properly licensed.

  • Plan ahead.

  • New Grassroots Coaching License Explanation for L30 Coaches

  • Two Courses currently being offered - March 12 & 19th.....OR.... April 9 & 16th. 6-10pm Ogden. Registration is limited. Email immediately to get into the class.

  • Why you should take the course even if you don't need to

    • Learn the new Play~Practice~Play model of player-centered development

    • Course includes a year's worth of training sessions so you don't have to come up with fun developmentally appropriate games to do with your team all on your own

    • Courses are late evening so fewer work conflicts

    • Early in the season before most games are scheduled

    • Only available to L30 people


  • After each game, it is the winning teams’ responsibility to enter in the score of the game.

  • If there is a tied game, the home team is responsible to enter in the final match score.

  • Instructions on entering scores into Affinity Sports can be found by clicking HERE.


Coaches have the option to utilize either the printed Game Day Roster or the Digital Playing Cards.  If there are any discrepancies between a Game Day Roster and the Digital Player Cards, the Game Day Rosters will take precedence over the Digital Player Cards and be considered the official team roster used for that game.  The Game Day roster printed out closest to the kick off time will take precedence if there are two printed rosters. Digital Roster Link


  • Link to Live Schedules and Field Specifics are here.

  • Click on R2 Fields for the drop down menu to locate your specific home field.

  • Barlow - No reschedules after March 17th unless you pay the $20/hour fee to reserve a different date/time. Practices now cost $10/hour and must be scheduled with Shiela Olson.

  • If you play home games at WCF, you can practice there without additional cost. If you don’t, you must contact Ashley Earl. Currently to play home games at WCF, it costs roughly $75. You could offer that in order to be able to practice there and see if she will agree to that as a practice rental fee. Practices are first come, first serve. Games and special events, like Ultimate Frisbee and Golden Spike Horse events, always have priority.

  • All Syracuse Jr High green space has been rented by Lacrosse T-F 5-7pm and some Saturdays. Unless sunset allows, practices here will need to be moved to an alternate location.


  • May 31, 2018 is the last day to play AND record Spring league games.

  • Be mindful that tryouts start (depending on age) May 21st and 29th. Playing games after May 21st is not very realistic.

  • If games are not recorded into Affinity Sports by 11:59PM May 31st, they will be considered an “abandoned game” and each team will receive zero (0) points.


  1. If you are rescheduling for weather, no referees, or unplayable fields, DO NOT click the reschedule button. Send the reschedule request information to

  2. Reschedules must be completed (5) five days before the original scheduled date.

    • Example: Game scheduled Saturday at 1PM, reschedule must be completed beforeMonday at 1PM.

  3. IF a reschedule request has been initiated but not accepted FIVE days prior to kick off, the reschedule request is aborted and the game will be played as it stands in the Affinity schedule.

  4. Before clicking the reschedule request button, the HOME team must have field and referee approval and have coordinated the reschedule with the Opposing Team. How to Contact the Opposing Team.

  5. Contact your field and ref assignor outside of Affinity to confirm arrangements. (Who's Your Assignor?)

  6. Away teams must have an email from the home team with the field and referee assignor’s approval.

  7. The team initiating the reschedule should be the one clicking the reschedule button.

  8. UYSA reserves the right to move games back to original dates, times and locations if teams do not follow the correct steps outlined below.

  9. What happens if the opposing team doesn't respond to a reschedule request? A: The game is played as it is on the schedule.


Contact the opposing team via email requesting reschedule- provide multiple dates and times for reschedule

After reschedule dates have been agreed on between both teams and the HOME team has confirmed with home assignor and home field assignor that new dates are available, complete the reschedule in Affinity.

o Log into your UYSA Affinity account
o Make sure that your picture has a red highlight around it
o Click on the TEAMS tab
o Click Tournament and Schedule Apps
o Click Schedules/Game Scoring on the right hand side (by the team you are rescheduling on behalf of)
o Click on the Reschedule button by the game number
o Enter ALL information in the drop down menu (Date, Time (AM or PM), Field Name & Number)

o Click Send Request

The opposing team must log into their Affinity account and click the Accept Request button to complete the reschedule

When the league schedule has been updated with the new reschedule, you will know that it has been complete. 

If you have any questions about these reminders or would prefer a bit more detail, please contact the UYSA State Office. We are here Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM as a resource to our members.


All dates are included in the L30 website calendar.  This is just a summary for quick review.

March 6, 2018

    •    L30 AGM , 7-9pm Union Grille, Ogden

March 8, 2018

    •    Region 2 Coaches Meeting, Davis Conference Center 7-8:30pm

    •    Guest Speaker - Skye Eddy Bruce

March 16, 2018

  • HSP team formation - choice between District 6v6 ($10pp) & State 11v11 ($30pp)

  • Referee fees - everyone except Academy & District HSP (they pay at the field)

  • 2 free reschedules complete in Affinity

March 17, 2018

May 1, 2018

  • Coaches & Team Admin registration for next year 2018/9 opens

  • Request Team Set up by submitting form via website

May 12, 2018

  • Allowed to talk to players not currently on your team about tryouts for next year

May 21, 2018

  • U7/8 Academy tryouts may begin

  • U9/10 XL tryouts may begin

May 29, 2018

  • U11-19 tryouts may begin

  • Player registration for next year 2018/9 opens

May 31, 2018

  • Deadline for all Spring 2018 games to be played and recorded in Affinity

2017 Fall State Competition League Reminders ~ August 4, 2017

The 2017/2018 State Gaming League is almost underway!  In an effort to help our coaches and team managers have a successful season, UYSA will be sending out a grouping of emails with seasonal reminders and updates!  Leading up to the season, keep a lookout for emails ranging from reschedule policy to club passing instructions. 

Exceptions will not be made based on lack of knowledge.    As always, if you have any questions or would like a little more detail, please contact the UYSA State Office and we would be more than happy to help you.  The UYSA Office hours are from 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday. All the information on this email can be found on UYSA’s Team Manager FAQ page.  Team Manager FAQ

In today’s topics Reschedules and Referee Fees will be discussed.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 10.34.56 AM.png

R2 Coaches Meeting - Aug 2, 2017

Important Dates:

  • State Schedules released - Aug 5th

  • HSP Team Formation Deadline - Aug 21st ( State plays 11v1. District plays 6v6)

  • State Games Start - Aug 21st

  • State Ref Fees Due - Aug 14th

  • Labor Day Weekend - No Games Sept 1-4th

  • Fall UEA Weekend - No Games Oct 19-21st

  • Last day to play/record a Fall game - Nov 15 (but most fields close Oct 31st)

Important Websites:



Good Things to Know:

  • Players can be added at any time. They appear as UNASSIGNED at the bottom of the team roster. Send email to to have them manually accepted. Allow 24 hours.

  • We receive emails occasionally from players looking for a team. When that happens I forward the contact information to the applicable coaches.

  • Field & Ref Assignors, Field Availability, Restrictions, Maps, Reschedule How-Tos, goto

Pre-Season Checklist: (All Answers found at  Click on Registration Basics.  Click on Team Managers.)

  • Pay your State Referee Fees

  • Know how to look at your Team Roster

  • Know how to view your Playing Schedule

  • Know how to view the Opposing Team's Contact Information

  • Enter Jersey #s on your Roster electronically

  • Make sure your Jersey/Short/Sock colors are entered on your Team Details page

  • Know how to print a Game Day Roster

  • Know who your Field & Referee Assignors are (on

  • Know how to Reschedule a Game (on

  • Make a Team Binder & What to include in it

  • How to Club Pass a Player

  • Difference between club passing and multi rostering

  • Where to go to access the Digital Roster

  • How to print out Player Registration Forms if the parent didn't do it during online registration

Academy Coaches Meeting - July 25, 2017

Alignment Concerns/Schedules - Contact Jake (c) 801.390.3627; email

General Academy Questions - Contact Wendy Roberts (c) 801.564.2559; email

Nets - Contact Darrin Rumsey at

Flags - Contact Wendy Roberts

Program Rules - Click on button below for ALL THINGS ACADEMY

U9-U19 Referee Fees

You should have received an email from the state July 28, 2017 to the email in your Affinity profile. Full letter below.  Things to note.

  • Ref Fees due Aug 14, 2017 by midnight (Late fee of $25 assessed after Aug 21)

  • Year round U15 & Premier U11-14 will be charged for both fall and spring ref fees now.

  • If you missed the email, contact the state office for your team specific link.