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Search our Find an L30 Team listing below. You will find Coach contact information by gender & age immediately. Send an email to the coach/team you are interested in meeting.

Finding a team requires balancing lots of things - geographic location, player abilities, level of the team, chemistry between player, coach and teammates, cost associated with each team & other team events and expectations.

Take your time. Do your research. You can learn a lot about the coach, team dynamic and sideline parent engagement by watching a practice or a game. There is a lot to picking a team. Do your due diligence. It will be worth it.

If spring teams don’t have room on a roster to add a player for league games, potential players could register as a $25 tournament only player in order to attend training/practices only. Feel free to talk to any prospective coach about this as an option.


We will start posting Information about L30 team tryouts around April 1st. L30 doesn't hold a massive, single tryout. Each team makes their own arrangements. But you will be able to find tryout information for each team here.

Boy Teams

Girl Teams

VERY, VERY IMPORTANT: Coaches are NOT suppose to initiate contact with players outside of their own organization/club/L30 team with "the intent to promote tryouts for the next Seasonal Year" until May 11, 2019.  As a parent or player you CAN reach out to a coach and ask when they are having tryouts and let them know you are interested in their team.  Just don't expect the coach to have a personal conversation with you about the opportunity to play for his/her team until May 11th.  To read the entire UYSA Tryout Policy, Click HERE

Tryouts and finding a team can be stressful. L30 has put together some resources that we find beneficial to help navigate the soccer landscape and tryout process.

Tryout Survival Tips for Parents & Players

If you want some help narrowing down your search, fill out this player request form and we will put you in touch with coaches that have teams in the age and area you desire.


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