High School Provisional (HSP)

GIRLS Primary U16-U19 Teams
I always get asked whether is it better to register high school girls now or after the high school season ends in October.  My vote is now.  Most people are thinking about registering now.  If you want to do summer tournaments before HS tryouts, you need to be registered.  Most large clubs register now.  Timing is usually better with finances now vs close to Thanksgiving/Christmas.  It is SUPER hard to get people to think about registering right after HS season and even harder during the holidays.  The Jan 15th deadline to have a Girls team meet the min team requirements and be in the state gaming league looms quickly.

HS Provisional

Coaches - We always give you time after HS tryouts to form a team for HSP.  The players should register with their primary team first. Then you provide league30reg@gmail.com with a list of players, birthdates & who their primary team is. I just click a button and provisionally roster them to your HSP team (which is different from your primary U16-19 team.)  If they have not registered with their primary team or do not have a primary team, I will give you a HSP Assignment Code for them to register with.  Just let me know if you need this - league30reg@gmail.com

         GIRLS HSP Team Registration Deadline - Aug 15th
         BOYS HSP Team Registration Deadline - March 15th

Parents - If you are looking for a team for a HSP team for your 2004-2001 birth year player, email league30reg@gmail.com. We will hook you up.

BOYS Primary U16-U19 Teams
Boys need to be registering now.  The deadline to meet the min team requirements to be in the state gaming league is June 15th.  You can always add more players and team admins, but you have to meet the min requirements for the team by this date.