Simply known as L30.

L30 is a Utah Youth Soccer Association Member dedicated to serving youth soccer teams in Utah. 

Founded in Morgan-Weber-Davis Counties, L30 now supports teams state-wide with

Registration, Referee Assigning, Field Coordination, Uniform/Equipment Options & Team Placement in local & state gaming leagues.

What exactly does it mean to be a COLLECTIVE of UNIQUE TEAMS?  

As a member of L30, a team can have a unique identity & customized soccer experience, while still being a part of something greater than themselves.  L30 provides SUPERIOR administrative SUPPORT.  You get the flexibility to choose the OPTIONS (name, uniform, winter training, paid coach/trainer, speed & agility training, tournaments in state, out of state or NOT) that best fit the needs of your players.  

A one-stop shop without a one-size-fits-all approach.

Simply put, you have options and get flexibility.  In exchange, we do require one thing - RESPECT.  Respect for the Game, Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and the Individual.  We think there is room for differences but not disrespect.

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6316 Tryouts Policy

  • A Team or Organizational Member may, at any time, advertise tryout dates and information for the next Seasonal Year.

  • Prior to the second weekend in May (May 11, 2019), a representative of a Team or Organizational Member may not initiate contact with a player in another Organizational Member with the intent to promote tryouts for the next Seasonal Year.

  • On or after the Monday before Memorial Day (May 20, 2019), tryouts may be held by or for a Team that will compete the next Seasonal Year in the U-7 & U-8 Academy age groups and U-9 & U-10 age groups of X-league.

  • After Memorial Day (May 28. 2019), tryouts may be held by or for a Team that will compete the next Seasonal Year in the U11 and U12 age groups of the X-league, the SCL, the IRL, or the PL (U13+).

  • Any Team containing players selected through tryouts held before the applicable deadline, will not be permitted to register for the next season in a Competition League administered by UYSA.


L30 Team Renewal Requests & New Team Requests