L30 Team Set-Up for Fall 2019 Spring 2020

Registration is in place for the Fall 2019 Spring 2020 seasonal year. Existing L30 teams can submit their Current L30 Team Renewal Request for next year & people wanting to join L30 can submit their NEW Team Request to Join by using the appropriate buttons below.

But before you click, make sure you are aware and agree to implement the Sideline Project with your team.

This is a non-negotiable L30 item for 2019-2020. You don’t have to follow every step outlined in the Project, but you are responsible for achieving the overall goals of the program - eliminating hostile communication, discouraging distracting communication & promoting positive communication. As a state & as an organization, UYSA and L30 are committed to improving the overall vibe of soccer sidelines in our communities. Yelling at players, the opposing team or referees is NOT a normal part of a youth soccer game. We work too hard at all the other stuff - player development, team unity, personal grit and coaching education to have that wasted with a negative game environment.

We get it. Not every game goes the way we want it. Not every ref calls a quality game. All that being said, it isn’t appropriate to dissolve into disarray. Constructive feedback from coaches regarding referees. Certifying as an adult referee. Agreeing to help mentor. Those are all ways to make things better. Swearing at a 14 year old running the center of a U10 game is not.

At L30, you have options and get flexibility on the kind of soccer experience you create for your players.  In exchange, we do require one thing - RESPECT.  Respect for the Game, Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and the Individual.  We think there is room for differences but not disrespect.

While your team is waiting for approval, complete the following STEPS…

Each L30 team is required to have a HEAD COACH and an ASST COACH with a Concussion, Safe Sport Trained Certificate & the necessary Coaching License for the team registered in Affinity (see Step 4).

It is strongly encouraged that each team have a registered TEAM MGR to help with team communication, organization & scheduling. It is up to individual teams to decide if they will have TRAINERS or other DEVELOPMENTAL STAFF helping with the team. EVERYONE assisting with the team must also be registered volunteers in Affinity (which prompts a background check) and have completed their Concussion and Safe Sport Certification. This is NOT negotiable. Failure to comply with these mandatory volunteer requirements will result in disciplinary action, to include but not limited to suspensions or the inability to renew a team with L30 in the future. This best practice is in place for the protection of both the volunteers and the players. Your compliance is appreciated.

Received your approval email? Proceed with Coach & Team Admin Registration in Affinity.

Your team tryout information (provided in your Team Request) will be posted to the L30 Tryouts page. Please review the following Tryout Reminders for Coaches & posted Tryout Info below. If you have questions, make sure to ask - league30reg@gmail.com. Ignorance of the policy is not an acceptable or valid excuse. You are responsible for knowing and adhering to the rules. All 250+ L30 teams & 2000+ players count on it.