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Still Looking for a Team?

Still looking for a team? Don’t worry. Teams are still forming. Players are still registering. Check out the different teams within L30 to find something for you!


Search our Find an L30 Team listing below. You will find Coach contact information by gender & age immediately. Send an email to the coach/team you are interested in meeting.

Finding a team requires balancing lots of things - geographic location, player abilities, level of the team, chemistry between player, coach and teammates, cost associated with each team & other team events and expectations. When available we encourage prospective parents and players to watch our teams during the season to get a first hand look at how the team plays and what the coach is like in real time.

Take your time. Do your research. You can learn a lot about the coach, team dynamic and sideline parent engagement by watching a practice or a game. There is a lot to picking a team. Do your due diligence. It will be worth it.