L30 Tryouts

Spring Soccer morphs quickly from crazy weather & games to TRYOUTS for next year.  L30 doesn't hold a massive, single tryout. Each team makes their own arrangements.  As such, we advocate you:

Find the Balance

Geographic location, player abilities, level of the team, chemistry between player, coach and teammates, cost associated with each team & other team events and expectations. Take your time. Do your research. You can learn a lot about the coach, team dynamic and sideline parent engagement by watching a practice or a game. There is a lot to picking a team. Do your due diligence. It will be worth it.

Two-Way Process

Your player finding a good team for them AND the team finding what they need in a player.  Both parts are equally important to the overall success of being on and a part of a team.  Strive to find that match.

Manage the Tryout Stress

It's inevitable, for everyone -  parents, players and coaches.  The article below "The Soccer Tryout Time of Year" digs into some of the emotions we can feel as parents and highlights the life lessons that can be positive take-aways from the tryout process.

Complete list of L30 Team Tryouts?

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