Meeting the Mins for Team Formation

DEADLINE:  JUNE 15, 2019

The following applies to 2011/U9-2001/U19 Boys & Girls teams.

You can register additional players and asst coaches at any time during the year, but you MUST meet the following minimum requirements by June 15, 2019 to have a team registered, activated and applied to the gaming league in order to play for the Fall 2019-2020 gaming league.

What happens if I don't meet these minimums?  You will have to wait until the Spring 2020 season to play competitive soccer.

1) Minimum # of players on the team

U9/10 = min 7/ max 12
U11/12 = min 9/ max 15
U13-15 = min 11/max 18
U16-19 = min 11/max 22

You can add players at any time. You just have to meet the mins by June 15th.   If you add a player after the team is activated, you will notice the player at the bottom of your roster as an Unassigned Player.  You will need to email the name of your TEAM Gender/Birth Year and the name/birth date of the player to have the player manually accepted.

When you add a team administrator after the team is activated, I need you to send an email with the person's name and what role they will serve on the team as well.  

2) Properly licensed coach with cleared background check.  

When you register a background check is automatically initiated.  If you have a red R to the left of your name that means that your background check needs to be manually cleared by UYSA.  Call 801.307.5150.  

Proper License..if you have a red L to the left of your name that means your license level is not correct. Refer to the buttons below for more information about the required coaching licenses & waivers. 

All team admins must also have a 2019 Heads Up Concussion Certificate & 2019 Safe Sport Trained Certificate. Refer to the buttons below for links.

3) All teams are required to have properly licensed ASST COACH with a cleared background check rostered.  Two coaches.  Not negotiable.  I can't activate the team and put it in the gaming league without an AC.

4) If the coach requires a waiver, waiver must be accepted and listed in the coach profile.  See Coaching License button below for more information on waivers. A waiver is only good for one season. There are no extensions. L30 prefers that ALL coaches attend the in-person Grassroots course. For a complete list of UYSA Grassroots course, see the button below.

5) All admin and player photos uploaded, face only and the proper sizeFACE only!! The system will not allow me to activate a team if a player is missing a photo. When a player registers in Affinity, the system will automatically deletes a player photo if it is older than 150 days.  Parents need to be prepared to upload a new face only player photo during the registration process.

6) All birth certificates uploaded.  If the player has a B to the left of their name, there is something uploaded into that spot. will be checking all BCs, if there is an issue the parent will be emailed directly. Sometimes the file can be so small we can't read it and it needs to be replaced. If we have trouble getting a parent to respond, we will let the coach know.

7) All player fees paid.  If there is a red X to the right of the player's name that means they have not paid in full.   If a payment fails while being processed, the parent will receive an email to the email address they use in Affinity. also gets a notification. Instructions will be sent to the parent on how to re-submit the payment or choose a different payment method.

To fix a failed payment, please have your player follow these instructions.

Pay Online or Via Phone w Affinity

1. Goto
2.  Click on Member Login, in the upper right hand corner
3. Type in your UYSA username and password
4. This will bring up your "My Account."  Under Family Members, you will see your player's name.  Click on View Payments.
5.  This will open up a box.  Click on "Edit Payment" next to the Fall/Spring 2019-20 season.
5. This will open up a page that says Payment/Order Detail.  It looks just like the payment page during registration.  Please select your payment option and follow the instructions.
6.  If this doesn't work, contact Affinity Customer Support for help figuring out why it's not working. 

Affinity Customer Support 
M-F 8am - 8pm MST

Forgot Password?  Goto

8) Submitt Home Field Request

9) Submit Alignment Google Form