Multi Rostering

Basically U11 or older are allowed to MR.  You can only MR to teams in two different AGES.  NOT two different divisions in the same age. A player can MR between two different UYSA Member Organizations.  Here is the summarized skinny.

  • Different Ages

  • Different UYSA Member Organizations

  • Pay Required Fee

  • If a player is Multi-rostered they can NOT use the Club Pass.

Example: Allowable - U11 and U12.  

Example: Not allowed - U12NA and U12NB.

The fees are different for different ages.  For L30, SWAT, Gremio or MVU players, click on the button below to pay your MR fee. Metasport players, contact

Have the player register with the primary team FIRST.  Then submit the MR Form below (completely filled out) to the secondary team registrar to manually roster the player to the 2nd team.