Multi Rostering

Basically U11 or older are allowed to MR.  You can only MR to teams in two different AGEs.  NOT two different divisions in the same age. A player can MR between two different clubs.  Here is the summarized skinny.

  • Different Ages
  • Different Clubs
  • Pay Required Fee
  • If a player is Multi-rostered they can NOT use the Club Pass.

Example: Allowable - U11 and U12.  

Example: Not allowed - U12NA and U12 NB.

The fees are different for different ages.  For L30, SWAT or MVU players, click on the button below to pay your MR fee.  Metasport players, contact

Have the player register with the primary team FIRST.  Then submit the MR Form below (completely filled out) to the secondary team registrar to manually roster the player to the 2nd team.  If you are at this website the secondary team registrar is most likely

How to Register a Tournament Only Player

You might have players that want to play in a tournament that haven't registered for the 2018-19 playing year yet.  If they CAN have them register for their primary team, in the long run this works better.  If not they can register as a tournament only player by following these instructions.
1)  Fill out a Participant Registration Form (see button below) and email to

Write on the bottom of the form what tournament you are wanting to play in and the team the player will be playing with in the tournament. 

2) I will register the player by hand and email the parent instructions on how to sign the ELAs & pay the $25 fee online.  

Below are the instructions the parent will receive. Note that they will need their Affinity/UYSA username & password.  If they do not know what this is, follow the instructions below to recover the username/password before they have to pay the fee online.  All tourn only fees MUST be paid online.

1. Goto
2.  Click on Member Login, in the upper right hand corner
3. Type in your UYSA username and password.
4. This will bring up your "My Account."  Under the name of the player you are wanting to register, click on “Print Documents."
5. This will open a pop up box that says “Player’s ELA Log.”  There will be a list of Agreement Documents.  
6. Click on "sign" , read the document, put your initials in the box at the bottom of the document and click “Accept.”  That document will automatically close and put a Name, Initial and Date/Time stamp in the pop up box.
7. Repeat step 6 until you have finished accepting all the documents. 
8. At the end of the process you will have the option to PRINT the PAGE, which will print out a copy of all the Agreement Documents in their entirety.

1. Once you have signed the ELAs for your player, go back to your “My Account” page.
2. Under Family Members, you will see your player's name.  Click on View Payments.
3. This will open up a box.  Click on “Edit Payment” next to the Fall/Spring 2018-2019 season.
4. This will open up a page that looks just like the Payment/Order Detail I have included in this email.  Please select your payment option and follow the instructions.
5.  If this doesn't work, you can always call Affinity Customer Support and they can help trouble shoot what is not working.

Affinity Technical Support
M-F 7am - 7pm PST

Forgot Password?  Goto

3) Parent emails when the payment is completed and I will send the coach the Player ID#.  The coach will then add the player to their tournament only roster using this player ID#.  Instructions on how to create a tournament only roster are listed on

4) Tournament Only Player Card - I will make a tournament only card, put it in the dropbox at my house and email you directions to pick it up.  Tournaments may require you to have this physical card for tournament checking.

5) Allow at LEAST 3 business days for this entire process.  
Do NOT wait until the day of tournament check-in.  I repeat…do not wait until the day of tournament check in.  I might not always be available.  And I strongly advocate printing out your tourn only roster the day BEFORE tournament check in.  This gives you time to trouble shoot issues if they arise and believe me I have see a fair share of troubles with these first few tournaments.  SO much easier when there are no issues.  

Planning ahead makes the soccer event so much more pleasant and even FUN!  Imagine that :0)  Soccer FUN.  That's the goal folks!