Multi Rostering ~ Tournament Only Players ~ High School Provisional

You can register to play with Utah Youth Soccer Association in a number of ways. The most common is to find a primary team with which you want to play. Sometimes, you can’t decide or different teams offer different levels of play. If that’s the case (with a couple of rules to follow) you can MULTI ROSTER to two teams. If you aren’t sure what “competitive soccer” looks like and you’d like to try it out before jumping in with both feet, you can register as a TOURNAMENT ONLY PLAYER. This allows you to play in tournaments only and/or train with a team to get a feel for what they are like. For the U16-19 age groups, there is only one primary season. When the high school season is in swing, players that don’t want to play high school or don’t make the high school team can elect to play in UYSA’s HIGH SCHOOL PROVISIONAL LEAGUE.