New to L30 Team?

Every organization does things a little different.  In order to determine if you, your parents and players will fit into the culture of L30, please review the following resources.  These are some examples of our expectations and what we want our teams to bring to the soccer community.

If these philosophies resonate with you and what you are trying to accomplish with your team, feel free to fill out the L30 Team  Set up Application below.  An L30 person will contact you within 24-36 hours.




Echoes Beyond the Game..

"A coach's words have lasting power.  They can elevate, accelerate, and resonate long after they're spoken. The coaching mission should be to develop a high-performance communication environment that allows athletes to excel in and beyond the game itself." 

The Sideline Project 

The Sideline Project 


"A free, simple to manage program that moves beyond giving parents a lollypop or having a Silent Playday."  

Step-by-step instructions,  team emails & quick videos outline acceptable, supportive sideline communications that let our supporters SUPPORT the sport and players without being distracting or hostile.

Coaches, Parents & Players

Coaches, Parents & Players

Honoring the game...

"The game is sacred. It’s a sacred field you walk on when you go to play. The game is forever; players and coaches are not. When you are out on the field, you must remember your legacy and what you are representing."

Herm Edwards, Former NFL Head Coach 

Coaches & Parents

Coaches & Parents

Player Development

“If you develop players correctly; the winning takes care of itself.”

"Development and growth is a journey; children need to be supported in order to enjoy the ride."

"Trying new things means taking risks which is an important part of not only developing creative players; but players in general."

Fall 2018 Spring 2019

L30 Registration for new Coaches & Team Admins for Fall 2018 Spring 2019 will open April 20, 2018.  To set up your team for next year, please submit the following application.  Player registration will open May 29, 2018.  Detailed instructions & how to videos will be emailed to you prior to this date.

Allow 24 hours to receive email confirmation that your team is set up.  While you are waiting, click on the button below for the next step - Concussion Certificate 2018.

L30 New TEAM Set Up Application

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Coach Name
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Coach Phone
I understand that a Club owns the team spot in the UYSA state gaming league. Moving organizations means that my team might not have a guaranteed spot in the desired division, unless L30 has a open guaranteed spot or the previous club lets me transfer the spot to L30 & I have roster continuity. *
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Tryout Location
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