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We encourage prospective parents and players to watch our teams during the season to get a first hand look at how the team plays and what the coach is like in real time.  

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Helpful Information

  • Teams are generally organized by birth year, location and level of play. Players born in 2007, we call "'07's".

  • There are 3 different levels of play based on age. Within these are separate divisions creating a suitable level of play for each team.

    • A = Academy 2011 & 2012.  For Fall 2018, the birth years will be U7=2012 & U8 = 2011.

    • X = X-League 2010, 2009, 2008, & 2007.  For Fall 2019, U9=2010 U10=2009 U11=2008 U12=2007.

    • C = Competition, State Gaming League 2006 - 2000.  For Fall 2018, U13=2006 U14=2005 U15=2004 U16=2003 U17=2002 U18=2001 U19/20 = 2000.

  • Divisions

    • Academy (Players ages 6-8) doesn't keep standings so teams are placed in a division where the head coach thinks the play is most appropriate.

    • X-League (Players between the ages 8-10) play within their given Region, say North (R1 & R2) for example, and are labelled NA, NB, NC...

    • X-League (Players between the ages 11-12) can play statewide (Premier or D1) or within their Region (NA, NB NC...)

    • State Gaming League SCL divisions play statewide and are labelled Premier, D1, D2 or D3.

    • State Gaming League IRL divisions play within their given Region (NA, NB NC...)

  • If you have any questions about where the team is based, birth years, play types, or divisions, just ask the COACH :) If you can't find the coach contact information, shoot us an email from the About tab above and we will hook you up.

  • Roster Sizes & Playing Format

    U7 = 4-8 (4v4 no goalie)      U8 = 5-9 (5v5 4+goalie)      U9/10 = 7-12 (7v7)       U11/12 = 9-15 (9v9)        U13/14 = 11-18 (11v11)

    U15 = 11-18, may club pass up to 22, but only 18 active on the game day roster (11v11)

    U16 - 19/20 = 11-22, but only 18 active on the game day roster (11v11)