Registering an Exchange Student

From: Carly Brown <>
Subject: Re: Exchange student
Date: August 3, 2018 at 4:46:32 PM MDT

Hey Tracy,

Below you will find details that I have received from US Soccer about their process, FIFA's process, etc.  

You will also find the step by step requirements attached for exchange student.

"Please find attached the items necessary per FIFA's Regulations to clear foreign exchange students between the ages of 10-17. Fair warning- they are extremely comprehensive and detailed.

A little context might be helpful for the family: FIFA (the world governing body of soccer) has a regulation that applies to all member nations regarding the international transfer/registration of players between the ages of 10-17. The rule essentially acts as a ban on the international transfer of minor players within that age range, but there are several very limited and narrow exceptions. FIFA enacted the rule because of their concern that minor players were being moved internationally for reasons related to soccer which ultimately resulted in situations which were not in the best interests of the player if/when soccer did not work out in the new country. Fortunately, one of the exceptions to this rule allows for the registration of exchange students, but as you can see, the document requirements are very nuanced. The attached lists the FIFA's requirements for exchange students to ensure that the player is not moving internationally for reasons related to soccer. Importantly, these are not U.S. Soccer rules but are FIFA regulations with which we are required to comply just like every other member nation.

When we have the application to a point where it meets FIFA’s guidelines, we will submit to the Players’ Status Committee for their review and approval. FIFA’s review time can vary significantly. We typically receive a response after about 4 weeks, but some cases can take longer to receive correspondence from FIFA. Once the application has been approved by FIFA we will be able to request the player’s International Transfer Certificate from the federation that he was previously registered. FIFA’s Regulations give federations 30 days to respond to amateur ITC requests, and we are able to issue a provisional ITC on day 31 after the request was sent. The player will be cleared to register with the club here once we either receive the ITC from the previous federation or issue a provisional ITC."

Once the family has gathered the documentation pleasesubmit it to US Soccer's general inbox: They will then assist in reviewing the application and working with all involved to gather any more documents that might be necessary and submit to FIFA for review and approval by the Players' Status Committee.

Please let me know if you need any help with this!  It is quite the process.

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