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What does it cost to play soccer in Utah?


We keep things simple.  

From a Parent's Perspective, L30 is a cost effective option to play competitive soccer.  Click on the link below to see per player fees by birth year.

From a Team's Perspective, L30 provides quality, core services that let you concentrate on coaching your team.

Core Services include field scheduling, referee assigning, coaching education, registration services and gaming league alignment for all teams. 

Referee fees are based on your age group, how many games you play in a season and are billed by UYSA directly to the team after the schedule is published in August & March.  

If you think that L30 sounds like a good match for you, your players and your parents, click on the button below to start the process to becoming an L30 team.

L30 also provides Optional Services like uniforms & team communication tools.  We will coordinate additional, optional services like fundraising, indoor space, strength & conditioning, sports psychology, nutrition coaching and injury prevention resources for those teams that desire these additional benefits.  Tell us what you want in the survey below and we will make it SO!

What tournaments you want to go to, what uniform you ultimately pick, whether you want to train during the winter... are all decisions left up to your individual team.


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