1. If you are rescheduling for weather, no referees, or unplayable fields, DO NOT click the reschedule button. Send the reschedule request information to
  2. Reschedules must be completed (5) five days before the original scheduled date.
    • Example: Game scheduled Saturday at 1PM, reschedule must be completed beforeMonday at 1PM.
  3. IF a reschedule request has been initiated but not accepted FIVE days prior to kick off, the reschedule request is aborted and the game will be played as it stands in the Affinity schedule.
  4. Before clicking the reschedule request button, the HOME team must have field and referee approval and have coordinated the reschedule with the Opposing Team.  How to Contact the Opposing Team.
  5. Contact your field and ref assignor outside of Affinity to confirm arrangements. (Who's Your Assignor?)
  6. Away teams must have an email from the home team with the field and referee assignor’s approval.
  7. The team initiating the reschedule should be the one clicking the reschedule button.
  8. UYSA reserves the right to move games back to original dates, times and locations if teams do not follow the correct steps outlined below.
  9. What happens if the opposing team doesn't respond to a reschedule request? A: The game is played as it is on the schedule.  


Contact the opposing team via email requesting reschedule- provide multiple dates and times for reschedule

After reschedule dates have been agreed on between both teams and the HOME team has confirmed with home assignor and home field assignor that new dates are available, complete the reschedule in Affinity.

o Log into your UYSA Affinity account
o Make sure that your picture has a red highlight around it
o Click on the TEAMS tab
o Click Tournament and Schedule Apps
o Click Schedules/Game Scoring on the right hand side (by the team you are rescheduling on behalf of)
o Click on the Reschedule button by the game number
o Enter ALL information in the drop down menu (Date, Time (AM or PM), Field Name & Number)

o Click Send Request

The opposing team must log into their Affinity account and click the Accept Request button to complete the reschedule

When the league schedule has been updated with the new reschedule, you will know that it has been complete. 

If you have any questions about these reminders or would prefer a bit more detail, please contact the UYSA State Office. We are here Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM as a resource to our members.