L30 & Soccer Parenting Association


Education is the key to empowerment…

L30 has partnered with the Soccer Parenting Association in a joint mission to INSPIRE PLAYERS BY EMPOWERING PARENTS.

  • We believe a strong and supportive community of level-headed and like-minded parents and coaches will inspire players.

  • We believe a more collaborative environment between coach, parent, club and player is in the best interest of player development.

  • We believe when parents seek information about how to best support their player, great things will happen.

  • We believe youth soccer parents will be difference makers when it comes to improving the game.

Below, you will find links to things we think are important to reach this objective.

Every coach, player & parent has Free access to….

The Soccer Parent Resource Center - has interviews, webinars, ask an expert forum, articles on topics from college recruiting, player injury & recovery, how to talk to your coach about playing time, mental toughness to general soccer questions about the game. L30’s partnership with the Soccer Parenting Assoc means that every coach, player & parent in L30 has FREE access to all of this. To pick your empowering topic, click HERE.

The Sideline Project moves beyond giving parents a lollypop…

The Sideline Project - identifies three different types of communication, demonstrates how distracting communication inhibits player development, and gives coaches a step-by-step guideline to follow while implementing with their team. To watch the demonstration video, click HERE.

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