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Find Your Team

Goto  Click on the play type to see the drop down menu to find your team age, gender and then your team name - Academy U7/8, XLeague U9/10/11/12, Competitivie U13+.  I have broken out the Athletico, Titans/Surge and Vipers teams into their own headings to make them easier to find.

Privacy: While individual Team Pages are listed and public, the team Roster (containing names of each player, etc.) are private and only parents/players/coaches of that team will be able to view the Roster when logged in.

Access Your Team via the Mobil App

1. Accept the email invite to join your Sports Engine Team Page.

2. Download the SportsEngine mobile app for your smartphone.

2. Login to your SportsEngine account from your device. (The email and password you used when accepting the email invite to your team.)
3. Click on the Favorite "star" at the bottom of your app.  Your team name should auto populate.  If not, select the Search icon in upper right hand corner of your app.  Type in the team name or the team ID.  You can search for and choose to make a Favorite of any team in which your player(s) is Rostered.

4. You can access all of your team functionality within the team's home screen.

RSVP for games & events

When your Team Manager or Coach creates a new game or event and invites you, you will be notified of the event (through email, the website inbox, and text notification based on your preferences) for which you need to RSVP. You can RSVP from any of these locations. All email addresses associated with the roster player will be sent the invitation/RSVP email. 

NOTE: If recurring event, you can click on Going to RSVP for all dates and then click on Schedule to make any RSVP changes to individual recurring event dates.

Add your Team Schedule to your personal calendar

Steps on mobile phone

1. From the SportsEngine mobile app, choose your team under the Favorites icon.
2. Choose Schedule icon in lower left.
3. Choose Upload icon in upper right.
4. The next window allows you to select the calendar that you want your SportsEngine team schedule to go into to.

If you have other players on different teams, you can can do this for each of the team schedules so everything is in one place - super handy for families with multiple players.

Not getting texts from your coach/team manager?

Is your coach or team manager sending emails and texts, but you're only getting the emails? It's easy to update your notification settings on SportsEngine.

1. Login to your SportsEngine account on the
2. In your dashboard, choose Account Settings.
3. From here, you can update your account info. To receive both text and email notification, check the Email and Text boxes under Notification Settings. If the Text box is left unchecked, you will not receive texts.

Add secondary email/phone to account 

If you accepted an email invite, you have a SportsEngine account and you should be receiving team emails and texts from your Coach/Team Manager. But maybe you need to add another parent or guardian to these team emails and texts. Here's how:

1. FIRST - the other parent/guardian must go to and Create an Account to become a member of League30 on SportsEngine.
2. After that's complete, YOU go to and login.
3. Click on your username and in dropdown, choose Household.
4. Now you see your child's player profile. 
5. In bottom left, click to Add Linked Account. You'll be prompted to put in the email address of the other parent/guardian.
6. Voila! They will now receive all team emails and texts.
7. If you have more than one player in your family, you must link the additional account on everyplayer's profile account page.

NOTE: Only the primary account holder (typically the parent who registered the player) will receive emails regarding payments, invoices, and player privacy account info changes.