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Adding a Player Mid Season

You can add players at any time. They follow the same Player Registration steps as everyone else. Give them the assignment code that ends in PL01 and send them to the L30 Affinity Registration Website. Once your team is activated and in the gaming league, a new player will populate at the bottom of your roster as UNASSIGNED. Email with the team, gender, age, player name & birth date. Allow 24 hours for the player to be accepted to the roster.

Duplicate Accounts

One of the things that creates the biggest registration headache is DUPLICATE ACCOUNTS.  This happens sometimes when you can't remember your username & password.  In a panic, you create a new account with some derivative of your name.  So then you have an account for Samantha SoccerMom and Sammie SoccerMom.  In the process you also create two profiles for your player.  You know you have uploaded a Birth Certificate for your player in the past, but it's not showing up.  Or you log in with one account which has your oldest son on the account but not your two younger daughters.  Everyone played last year and you just can't understand why you can't see all your players in one place.  YOU HAVE DUPLICATE ACCOUNTS.

To merge the accounts, you have two options:

1) Call the State Office 801.268.3365  Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

2)  Call Affinity.   888-211-3444.  Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm Pacific Standard Time.

It will take talking to someone in person to sort through what should be deleted and which account to make primary.

What happens if I upload the wrong photo, if it's sideways or too small?

If you upload a photo but it's the wrong one or doesn't look right, you can call/send help ticket to Affinity,  call the state office or email your registrar to delete it.  Neither the parent, coach, or admin can delete a photo once it is uploaded.  

Send an email to

In the Subject line put: Utah, Club name, Player Name, Player birthdate - please upload.  Attach a replacement photo that needs to be uploaded.

Allow 24 hours for the upload to be taken care of.  You should receive an email confirmation when it's done.