Coach & Team Admin Registration

Most of you have submitted the information to have your team set up.  With tryouts upon us,  it's time to get registered so you can watch as players register on your Affinity Roster.  Complete Steps 2, 3 & 4 below. 

REMINDER: A TRYOUT offer must include the following:

(1) The date of the offer;

(2) The name, age group, and level of the Team for whom the offer is made (notice of the level of Team made is not necessary for X-league teams);

(3) The time period in which the player has to respond to the offer, which may not be less than 48 hours.

Note: A player can accept a tryout offer immediately and register, but they don't HAVE to.  You must hold their spot on the team for 48 hours, after which you can decide whether or not to extend the offer or move on to another player.


June 13th - Deadline to register for OGDEN PEAKS CLASSIC JUNE 27-30, 2018 -

OGDEN PEAKS 2V2 U7/8  for our youngest players -

July 16 & 30th - L30 HOSTED GRASSROOTS 7/11 Course - Email for registration links.

July 30th - FALL L30 COACHES MEETING - - New format.  Get the season updates you have come to expect AND choose from a selection of short seminars to fit your individual needs

JULY TBD - REFEREE CERTIFICATION - Interested in getting certified email

Wait...I should probably ask...What license do I need in order to coach?

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Need Help?  Check out these resources...

How to Create a Sports Engine Acct. Still having trouble? Use the Live Chat Button.

How-To Affinity Registration Video. Still having trouble? Call 888.211.3444

6316 Tryouts Policy

  • A Team or Organizational Member may, at any timeadvertise tryout dates and information for the next Seasonal Year.
  • Prior to the second weekend in May (May 12, 2018), a representative of a Team or Organizational Member may not initiate contact with a player in another Organizational Member with the intent to promote tryouts for the next Seasonal Year.
  • On or after the Monday before Memorial Day (May 21, 2018), tryouts may be held by or for a Team that will compete the next Seasonal Year in the U-9 and U-10 age groups of X-league.
  • After Memorial Day (May29. 2018), tryouts may be held by or for a Team that will compete the next Seasonal Year in the U11 and U12 age groups of the X-league, the SCL, the IRL, or the PL (U13+).
  • Any Team containing players selected through tryouts held before the applicable deadline, will not be permitted to register for the next season in a Competition League administered by UYSA.