Tryout Dates, Time & Locations

L30 Proper Teams

L30 Proper teams are our collective of unique teams. Teams have different names, uniforms, and customized soccer experiences for their players. Some L30 Proper teams have all volunteer coaches. Others have paid coaches or trainers. Some teams play year round with additional indoor or alternate winter leagues and some don’t. Some teams play only local tournaments and others travel out of state several times a year. Each team should be able to provide you with information about how their team operates and what the expectations are should you tryout for that specific team.

L30 Clusters

Over time, some of our L30 Proper Teams have grown into larger clusters of teams with the same name & uniforms. These L30 clusters have a little more centralized organization for their group and club fees that are collected independently from L30 registration. Please check with these entities to learn what makes them special & the specific fees associated with each team.


L30 Sub-Clubs

L30 Sub-Clubs are formal entities with their own Board of Directors, bylaws & policies, standardized club fees and organizational structure. They tend to have a collective coaching staff, joint training sessions for an entire age group or group of ages and club activities that they do together. Because these L30 sub-clubs cover both genders and almost every age group, we are providing a link below to their specific sub-club tryout information.