Tryout Reminders for Coaches

Tryouts Offers must include the following:

(1) The date of the offer;

(2) The name, age group, and level of the Team for whom the offer is made (notice of the level of Team made is not necessary for X-league teams*);



U16+ ALIGNMENT FLOW - This flow represents general movement. A Spring 2019 update will be provided shortly.

(3) The time period in which the player has to respond to the offer, which may not be less than 48 hours.

Note: A player can accept a tryout offer immediately and register, but they don't HAVE to.  You must hold their spot on the team for 48 hours, after which you can decide whether or not to extend the offer or move on to another player.

*UYSA policy doesn’t require you to provide expected division for U9-U12. L30 prefers that if you have an expected division that you include it. Because there are a lot of new teams forming in the age groups, UYSA does not require it.

Inquiries about Next Seasonal Year - Fall 2019 Spring 2020

You are allowed to advertise information about your team for the next seasonal year at any time. Specifics regarding the methods of advertising are noted on page 17 of UYSA Section 6. See button below for entire policy.

Parents & Players are allowed to contact you to ask questions regarding joining your team for next year. Good practices should include:

  • Correspondences should be confined to text messages &/or email. Personal conversations or phone calls can be misconstrued or misquoted.

  • Information should be in general about the team & tryouts. 

  • It is best to be able to direct inquires to a website or social media posting for information, team philosophy, time commitments, expected tournament schedule, etc.

  • Do NOT offer or promise placement on the team until tryouts officially start the day after Memorial Day (for U11-19 ages) and the Monday prior to Memorial Day for teams that will compete in the U9/10 XL gaming league. U7/8 Academy players generally follow the same guidelines as U9/10 XL teams. True Recreation Players can register for those programs at any time. Players, generally speaking, can not play rec soccer and competitive U9-U19 soccer at the same time.

  • Parents, friends, players or other non-coaches are NOT allowed to talk to players in other organizations or teams on your behalf.

  • You are not allowed to personally reach out or contact players outside your current team to discuss tryouts until May 11, 2019.

  • Encourage parents & players to honorably full fill their commitment to their current team until the end of the seasonal year, as this is the kind of commitment you will expect from them to your team if that ends up being the case next year.

Generally speaking, you can thank the person for their interest in your team. Encourage them to come watch the team play during the spring season. Take their name and number for future reference. Let them know that you can have a serious conversation regarding your team on May 11th. You can even go ahead and schedule a Get to Know the Team Meeting for May 11th if you want. A player can guest play with you at tournaments. You can provide Additional Training opportunities according to the Section 6 policy, page 15 noted below.

Questions regarding entire teams that might want to move from one Member Organization to L30 need to understand that they will give up their spot in the state gaming league unless their current club gifts the spot in writing to the team and they have roster continuity of 50% + 1. For specific policy wording refer to Section 6 page 29.) Otherwise the team will drop 2 divisions according to policy, unless L30 has a vacated open spot to plug in a new team. While coaches are free to make employment decisions based on where they want to work from year to year, this is a personal decision. One which must be made without involving the team & players until May 11th. Conversations with players & parents while working under one MO about playing for a different club are not allowed until May 11th without breaking the UYSA Tryout Policy.

Your choices and behavior go well beyond your personal situation. Violations of the UYSA Tryout policy can affect all 215 L30 & affiliated teams plus 1500+ players. If you have questions about any of the above, please contact Tracy Proulx @

Additional Training for Players- Policy Requirements

UYSA Policy 6316.

Players seeking additional trainings outside of their current team, club or OM may be excluded as a try-out provided the following criteria is followed:

(1) Current coach(es) must be notified in writing
(2) Must be given an written evaluation of skills and abilities and recommendations for improvement in writing by the clinician at the end of the training session(s)
(3) If the training sessions are conducted by or with a different OM team or club than the player is registered with, the player may not transfer to the OM club or team during the current seasonal year.

6316 Tryouts Policy

  • A Team or Organizational Member may, at any time, advertise tryout dates and information for the next Seasonal Year.

  • Prior to the second weekend in May (May 11, 2019), a representative of a Team or Organizational Member may not initiate contact with a player in another Organizational Member with the intent to promote tryouts for the next Seasonal Year.

  • On or after the Monday before Memorial Day (May 20, 2019), tryouts may be held by or for a Team that will compete the next Seasonal Year in the U-7 & U-8 Academy age groups and U-9 & U-10 age groups of X-league.

  • After Memorial Day (May 28. 2019), tryouts may be held by or for a Team that will compete the next Seasonal Year in the U11 and U12 age groups of the X-league, the SCL, the IRL, or the PL (U13+).

  • Any Team containing players selected through tryouts held before the applicable deadline, will not be permitted to register for the next season in a Competition League administered by UYSA.