L30 Tryouts

Spring Soccer morphs quickly from crazy weather & games to Tryouts for next year.  L30 doesn't hold a massive, single tryout.  Each team makes their own arrangements.  As such, we advocate:

1. Look at our list of Teams By Birth Year/Tryout to find teams of interest.  Click on their schedule.  Go watch some games. Check out their tryouts. (Data is being updated daily as coaches send in their tryout information.  Or SEND AN EMAIL with the teams/coaches you want to get in touch with and we will forward your contact information to them.)

2. Remember that tryouts are a 2-Way Process.  Your player finding a good team for them AND the team finding what they need in a player.  Both parts are equally important to the overall success of being on and a part of a team.  Strive to find that match.

3. Tryout Stress - it's inevitable, for everyone -  parents, players and coaches.  The article below "The Soccer Tryout Time of Year" digs into some of the emotions we can feel as parents and highlights the life lessons that can be positive take-aways from the tryout process.

4. Our Littles U7/2011 and U8/2010s qualify as recreation teams and don't have tryouts.  They hold team "round-ups."

Tryout Dates:

2008/2009s = May 22nd

2007 thru 1999s = May 30th

2010/2011s = Team Roundups can begin at any time or after last game if they are currently playing in the Region 2 Academy Program.