L30 Tryouts

Spring Soccer morphs quickly from crazy weather & games to Tryouts for next year.  L30 doesn't hold a massive, single tryout. Each team makes their own arrangements.  As such, we advocate you:

1. Look at our Lists of Teams to find teams of interest.

2. Click on their team name & then the pop up box link to the schedule.  Go watch some games.

3. Check out their Tryouts.  (Data is being updated daily.)

4. Or SEND AN EMAIL to the coach/team you are interested in meeting.  

Boy Teams

Girl Teams

Tryout Guide for Parents & Players

Note: Coaches are NOT suppose to initiate contact with players outside of their own organization/club with "the intent to promote tryouts for the next Seasonal Year" until May 12th.  As a parent or player you CAN reach out to a coach and ask when they are having tryouts.  Just don't expect the coach to have a personal conversation with you about the opportunity to play for his/her team until May 12th.  To read the entire UYSA Tryout Policy, Click HERE.