CONCERNING THE U15 (05) TEAMS FOR Seasonal Year 2019-2020

For the 2019-2020 seasonal year U15 age group teams will play in the Premier League (PL), State Competition League (SCL) or the Inter Regional League (IRL). 

UYSA does NOT offer a provisional league for this age group. U15 teams may not register to play in the U16 provisional league. Individual players may multi roster to a high school provisional team OR apply for a transfer to play up on a provisional team following the transfer policy. 

Teams playing in the Premier League shall have one scheduled league in a Seasonal Year, with team alignment conducted only between Seasonal years. Standings from the end of the 2018-19 seasonal year are what will be used for Alignment for the U16 season for the next Fall 2019 for Boys and Spring 2020 seasonal year for Girls. Teams will be provided a schedule at the beginning of the Seasonal year as follows, with all matches counting towards division standings per policy 6322:

(1) Eight matches scheduled during the team’s NON-high-school-impacted season (Fall for Boys & Spring for Girls);

(2) Four matches scheduled during the team’s high-school-impacted season ( Fall for Girls & Spring for Boys); and

(3) Four matches to be scheduled by the team’s coach

Teams in the SCL and IRL are registering for both Fall and Spring. Registration is for two seasons. The expectation is that teams will compete in both Fall and Spring. Fees will be collected for the full year. Teams that do not play both seasons will not receive a refund of the League Fee. The results of the high-school-impacted season will not affect the current alignment as there will be no promotion or relegation based on the Fall season for Girls or Spring season for Boys. Teams are expected to play all their scheduled games. If a team forfeits more than one game during the high school impacted season, they will be dropped a minimum of one division at the next alignment (U16 SY 2020-2021). There will not be medals awarded for the high school impacted season. See policy references 6332 and 6342 below.

22 available Roster Spots

The U15 age group has 4 roster spots (up to 22) that can be used strictly for club pass players. Teams can and are encouraged to use the high-school-impacted season to further develop players; such as technical and tactical skills, players in new positions, different team formations, etc. See policy reference 7328 below,.

Policy Excerpts

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