Spring 2018

U15 Coaches and Team Managers

The purpose of this email is to communicate the reschedule policy and process for the U15 age group. Please make sure that you read the entire email and make sure you understand the information provided. If you have any questions please contact the state office at 801.307.5150

Here are some important points regarding reschedules for the U15 age group:

**Please be aware that State Cup for the U15 Boys will play April 23-May 4**

1. All U15 teams participate in a year round league, meaning there is no relegation and promotion between the fall portion of the schedule and the spring portion of the schedule. Games will start in August and end in May.

2. We realize that the U15 age group may have obstacles not present in other age groups due to the concurrent high school season. For this reason we will be more lenient with reschedules in this age group if reschedule requests are a direct result of players on your team also playing high school soccer.

3. To avoid paying the reschedule fee, teams must

A. Send in a list of players on your team and what high school team they have made. Please send in the Club team name and include the name of each player and name of high school they are playing for.

B. If your club roster drops below 11 players, UYSA will reschedule games from March and April. Games will be rescheduled starting May 1st (playoffs for high school) if the players are not on the varsity team they can return to the club team.

C. Must receive the list of players by Monday, March 5th by end of business (in order to get your UYSA games rescheduled) Email to scheduler@utahyouthsoccer.net

U15 teams may request other types of reschedules (not high school conflict reschedules) by following the standard reschedule procedure below. The number of these types of reschedules are maxed at 2 and the fee will be applied if requested after the free reschedule date, March 16th.

Thank You